John Bolton visits UK, Talks Held on Bilateral and Global Issues

US President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton is currently in London during a visit to the UK where he talks with British officials on bilateral and global issues.

Bolton will urge Britain to take a strong stand against Iran and Chinese technology company ‘Huawei’, according to newspaper reports.

US National Security Adviser visited London right before separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU) which is to be held on October 31. This is considered to be the biggest geo-political change after the World War 2. Britain will become more dependent on the United States after it’s separation from the EU.

During his two-day visit, John Bolton talks with the British authorities about leaving the European Union, further strengthening relations between the White House and London, Iranian intervention in the Middle East, Tehran’s nuclear activities and the Chinese company ‘Huawei’ are being done.

Former British Prime Minister Theresa May and the US government have been eyeing some issues, observers say. Britain’s new government, especially Prime Minister Boris Johns, is trying to improve relations with the United States.

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