Johnny Depp’s manager lifts veil off Amber Heard’s alcohol consumption

May 1, 2022: Johnny Depp’s business manager reveals who the ‘actual alcoholic’ was during the length of his marriage to Amber Heard.

The revelations have been made by Depp’s business manager Ed White in a testimony to the Fairfax, Virginia courtroom.

He told the judge and jury that he once paid over $160,000 in bar tab bills attributed to Amber Heard.

Whereas Johnny Depp’s “wine bill had shrunk to virtually zero,” because he never did “consume that much in the way of wine.”

Ms Heard however had expensive preferences when it came to her wine and always preferred a brand that costs nearly $500 a bottle.

For those unversed, nearly 13 of those bottles were served at her 30th birthday bash, on April 21st 2016, and it was around the same day that Depp had come under a major financial crisis.

Johnny Depp has reportedly been holding out hope regarding the verdict for his defamation case against Amber Heard.

Inside sources broke them all during an interview with HollywoodLife and hinted at Depp’s confidence in the judiciary system.

Reportedly, Depp feels ‘a lot more’ optimistic’ about his chances of winning the $50 million defamation suit.

Plus, with it being stateside this time around, Depp feels ‘confidence welling up’ each time he sees his fans supporting him.

According to the insiders, “Despite everything that went down with the case in London, Johnny is feeling more and more confident as the days in court for this trial have progressed.”

“This time around feels very different since they’re back in the States and Johnny has supporters who weren’t able to be there for him previously.”

Even Depp’s friends have formed a bubble of support around him and sources claim, “Not only supporters outside the courthouse, but his friends and family who have come and sat front row in court, and who have testified on his behalf.”

“It means the world to Johnny and he is feeling hopeful that he will be vindicated once and for all.”

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