Judge rules Johnson’s suspension of UK parliament lawful

Edinburgh, Sept 4 (AFP/APP):A British judge on Wednesday ruled in favour of Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament in a move that will provide some respite for the
beleaguered prime minister.

Judge Raymond Doherty at the Court of Session in Edinburgh, Scotland’s highest court, rejected a legal challenge by Johnson’s opponents — one of three before the courts.

“This is political territory and decision-making, which cannot be measured
by legal standards, but only by political judgements,” Doherty said in his ruling.
“I do not accept the submission that the prorogation contravenes
the rule of law,” the judge said.

Joanna Cherry, an MP for the Scottish National Party (SNP), who was
one of the people behind the challenge, said the judge had ruled that the court
could not pronounce itself on the exercise of government’s power to suspend

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