Kabul Has Fulfilled Recognition Requirements: Muttaqi

Afghan Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Amir Khan Muttaqi said that the Islamic Emirate is inclusive and has fulfilled all the requirements and it should be recognized by the international community.

Talking to Turkey’s TRT World news channel, Muttaqi said: “In order to recognize a government, there is a need for border, people, and security. Since we have all of these, we have fulfilled the requirements to be recognized,” he

Speaking about Afghanistan’s humanitarian situation, Muttaqi said there are around 40 million people in Afghanistan and they cannot rely on humanitarian aid forever. “If we want Afghanistan to be self-sufficient, on top of humanitarian aid we need development aid that creates employment and jobs,” he added.

Some analysts meanwhile said in addition to international recognition, the Islamic Emirate should also take steps inside the country.

“Legitimacy has to be gained inside the country through a free election in which each citizen casts one vote to elect their government and the people see themselves in that government,” Wali Frozan, an international relations analyst said.

“The renewal of the UNAMA mandate by the UN Security Council itself shows that the world wants to stay engaged with Afghanistan. But I hope the Islamic Emirate holds a national gathering (Jirga) in which participants from all walks of life attend,” Shahzada Massoud, a political analyst said.

Meanwhile, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Flippo Grandi, who recently visited Afghanistan, said that the war in Ukraine should not drag the attention of the international community away from Afghanistan. “I have to say that we have come up with a number of very concrete options, concrete projects, and we will need international support for that,” he said.

Although the international community’s humanitarian aid has been flowing into Afghanistan over the past several months, some say the aid has not been very effective in addressing poverty and the economic challenges in the country.