Kabul News TV Stops Broadcasting After 10-Year Run

Kabul News TV, an Afghan channel, has halted operations after around one decade of broadcasting on a national level and beyond.

The Council of Afghanistan Journalists said that many media organizations have stopped operating for several reasons including economic challenges.

“The Kabul News TV channel has collapsed recently. The main reason for its collapse was economic challenges,” said Hafizullah Barakzai, head of the Council of Afghanistan’s Journalists.

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However, the news channel will be active on online social media platforms.

Afghanistan’s National Journalists Union said that around 70 percent of journalists become jobless after the fall of the former government.

“A large number of journalists, 70 percent of the journalists, have become jobless and the Afghan media community is facing severe challenges,” said Masror Lutfi, an official of the union.

According to the union, nearly 280 media organizations have halted their operations over the past year.