Karachi police solve murder case in a week

The Karachi police official say they have solved the one-week-old murder of a man in Surjani Town. Police believe his friend killed him.

West Investigation SP Abid Ali Baloch issued a statement in which he said the murder of a man in Surjani Town has been solved.

The victim, Shaheen, was killed by his neighbour friend Faisal, said the police. Faisal entered the house and stabbed Shaheen to death after adding drugs into his food earlier. Shaheen died of blood loss.

Shaheen and Faisal both neighbours and friends, as were their wives. But Faisal told the police he killed Shaheen because he was having an affair with his wife. Faisal’s wife had been staying at her sister’s house for the past month and asking for a divorce. Shaheen had given her a SIM card and they used to talk on the phone, the police discovered via their phone records. The SIM card of Faisal’s wife was registered in Shaheen’s name.

Shaheen’s wife found out and around a week before the murder, went to her parents’ house. Faisal had threatened Shaheen’s father also.He admitted all this during an interrogation.

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