Karachi University fails to pay salaries despite receiving billions

Educational activities for around 45,000 students of Karachi University have been postponed for an indefinite period. About 1,000 teachers, including 650 permanent faculty members and 400 visiting teachers, have boycotted all academic activities over non-payment of salaries. 

2,000 members of the non-teaching staff are involved in the protest in University of Karachi. An official of the Karachi University Teachers’ Society(KUTS) says that academic activities will not resume until the salary is paid, but it is expected to take several days.

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The University of Karachi shows a total annual income of Rs.8 billion, but it is unable to pay its monthly salaries of around Rs.35 crore; out of this amount teachers are to get only 15 crores.

To some extent, this problem is related to the overall economic situation of the federal and political governments.

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Representatives of teachers and non-teaching staff unions in the university say that the last three budgets have not been approved by the Senate.

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