Kasur: College Where 100 Girls Were Raped Reopened Amidst Protest

Government’s Indifference Lamented

19th February 2021, Kasur: The college where more than 100 girls were raped has been reopened.

Baaghi TV sources from Kasur say that not only are people protesting against the reopening but also over the indifference of the district administration. Reports from Kasur say that parents are still bearing the brunt of the abuse of their daughters. On the other hand, the reopening of the college has refreshed their wounds. It has been learned that the people have decided to protest against the district administration in this regard.

It may be recalled that a few days ago, Baaghi TV had exposed the sexual abuse of more than 100 girls by a cruel beast at a private medical college in Kasur that was revealed as Zainab Medical College.

After the report of Baaghi TV, the police took immediate action and FIR No. 32/21 u/s 506/509 PPC/25-D Telegraph Act was registered in PS Saddar and the accused was arrested. The arrest was made but the accused later applied for bail due to illness and the accused was released on bail.

However, later another FIR No. 39/21 u/s 506/509/294 PPC/25-D Telegraph Act was registered at Kasur Saddar Police Station. The accused was found guilty in the case and was challaned.

A joint inquiry committee consisting of the following officers has been constituted with regard to the general complaints of harassment in the said educational institution due to the efforts of Baaghi TV.

These officers include:
1. Additional Deputy Commissioner General (Chairman)
2. Additional SP, Kasur
3. Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman, DHO Kasur
4. Mrs. Bushra Anwar, Principal School of Nursing, DHQ, Kasur

It should be noted that it has been revealed about the said medical college that the license of this college is fake and this college has issued fake degrees to hundreds of female students which has not only darkened the future of these female students but also endangered hundreds of lives. However, the aforesaid committee will now conduct a positive investigation and report in three days, which is under investigation.

On the other hand, with the reopening of this medical college, there is a fear of collusion between the inquiry committee and the accused. The local government, which includes the TMA and the district councillor, was instructed to seal off the Zainab Institute immediately. DC Kasur declared the building illegal.

He also asked the Health Care Commission to inquire whether the letter of PNC (Pakistan Nursing Council) that we have PNC permit is fake or not. However, the committee considered it to be fake and did not give a final opinion and directed further inquiry.

This institute was set up 3 years ago where nursing was taught and Pappu Nalka used to sell fake nursing degrees. A committee has been formed on this and the management has also tried to know the position of the nursing council members regarding under which law it was registered. It was found out that he had applied for registration but since then none of his delegation came to visit and no one had passed from this nursing school.

In this regard, the report of Kasur’s health care has also come to light. He has said in his report that his gynaecological center does not have any permission for this.

The affected girls first said that they wanted to take action and after that they met all the female students whom the administration was able to find. Some people wanted to take action, and some people did not want to take action. The girls who have taken degrees before and have no contact with the administration have not received any record of them and the administration will seal the nursing college till tomorrow and a large number of Fake degrees have been issued.

He also said that as soon as bail was granted, Pappu Nalka was involved in the cases of the two girls and then he tried to pressure them through two local journalists who met him and also tried to hide the facts. He was arrested and jailed for one month

In addition to this, this man is also a ‘gaddi nasheen’ of ‘Chupp Shah in this city. He extorts money from people. He is also involved in heroin business. One of his brothers sells heroin. One of his brothers is at a government’s bus terminal. The occupant of the stand charges money to get out of the car. For
the last many years he has been occupying Chup Shah Darbar where people invest money and make pilgrimages. He has kept his servants there and the local police station A division knew about his incident and there is an organised group with him.

No girl wants to come out in front of the media now about the sexual harassment of the girls but the administration has said that it has been in the same fog for two or three years and Pakistan Nursing Council does not come under the purview of Kasur. But when he used to raise questions, he used to say that he had got a license from PNC.

And in Gaini’s system, the local health care commission of Kasur has got it along with it and illegal abortions of children are aborted and a regular system has been set up and its building has also been declared illegal. The administration is going to seal it. In addition, it is being checked who gave permission. DC Kasur has issued instructions to each department.

Now let’s see what happens to this case but the information is that this man Pappu Nalka used to sell thousands of fake nursing degrees and has sold thousands of fake nursing degrees which amount to crores of rupees.

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