Key tips for saving money from your salary every month

Arabic magazine “Sayidaty” has outlined some ways to save a portion from one’s monthly income in a limited economic environment for the aid of the salaried class amidst rising inflation.

The article says that those who belong to the salaried class and whose income is limited should formulate a monthly budget in such a way that their needs are met and some savings can be made.

In order to save, it is necessary to prepare the budget in such a way that the needs are met and there is no additional burden and you can save money at the same time.

Expenses and savings

The salaried class should set a budget at the beginning of the month and follow it strictly. The traditional method of budgeting can also be used or charted on your personal computer.

In addition, an app can be installed on a smartphone that is helpful in budgeting. Whatever method is adopted, the purpose is to balance income and expenditure, but the purpose of confiscating them is simply to remember where and how much money was spent.

when setting a budget, first list the major and minor expenses, including rent, transportation costs, rations, school fees, utility bills etc. that can be used in case of any emergency.  The purpose of setting a monthly budget is to balance expenses and income because most people are unaware of where their salary was spent.

Having a written budget will reveal where and how the money was spent, which will help control future additional and unnecessary expenses.

An important way to save money is to open a second fixed account with the bank which is a limited-time savings account (an account in which money is deposited for a limited period but there is a time limit for withdrawal).  In order to save some amount on a monthly basis, the money deposited in this account should not be spent.

Ways to save

There are many ways to save on a monthly income that you can use to meet your needs. However, it is important to keep the following important points in mind:

  • Before buying essential items for home kitchens, look at the offers in various supermarkets and make a list of essential items and buy from the market where the price is lower.
  • If you have a travel plan, buy tickets well in advance, because buying tickets in advance can save money, while at the same time, airline tickets become more expensive.
  •  To save on electricity bills, replace traditional home bulbs with LEDs and buy eco-friendly electronics. ·
  •  Remove hardware products such as TVs, computers, mobile phone chargers when they are not in use, as the units are used when they are not in use and plugged in, and the bill increases. It happens, which is very rare, but it has a great impact on the budget.

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