Lahore: Department store shuttered for selling ‘haram’ candies

The Punjab Halal Development Agency (PHDA) shut down a branch of a popular retailer on Saturday for selling imported candy dubbed “Nerds” that had “haram” components.

Under the leadership of PHDA Registrar Shoaib Khan Jaaib, the regulatory authority began action against Jalal Sons.

According to him, the presence of the ‘haram’ chemical “carmine color” in Nerds candy constituted a breach of the Punjab Halal Development Agency. The PHDA immediately trashed 119 packs of Nerds grapes and strawberry candies.

Jadoon stated that the store would remain closed until the correction and further instructions.

According to PHDA regulations, selling edibles containing haram substances is a serious crime, and our enforcement team will hunt down and bring to justice all those responsible.

He stated that food business owners must obtain a Halal certificate from the appropriate authority to sell imported food products in Punjab. The PHDA will not only close the businesses of those who sell haram products and violate the law but also seize their assets.

After the expiration of the deadline given to retailers for setting aside products containing prohibited (haram) or questionable ingredients, he said the agency has begun taking action against supermarkets and convenience stores.