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Lahore doctor gunned down after resisting robbery

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Sept 29, 2021: In Lahore, a female doctor was killed in the city’s Defense A area after allegedly resisting a robbery, police said.

According to police, Dr Khaula was shot dead by unidentified assailants on a motorcycle. The doctor’s wallet and mobile phone are missing, police said.

A police spokesman said that Deputy Inspector General of Operations Sohail Chaudhry took notice of the incident. DIG Operations directed the police force to track down the culprits using footage from cameras installed as part of the government’s Safe City project.

Police later registered a case against the assailants by the victim’s father. According to the first information report, Dr. Khaula went to see her friend by car.

She was reportedly attacked by two men outside her friend’s home, who shot her, snatched her bag and mobile phone, and fled. The doctor’s friend was an eyewitness to the shooting.

According to police reports, a woman identified as Khaula was returning home with her friend when the robbers intercepted them and attempted to rob them. The female doctor aged 25 years allegedly resisted a robbery in Lahore’s Defence area. According to the police, Dr.Khaula’s phone and purse were missing from the crime scene after the police reached.

The robbers stopped Dr.Khaula and tried to rob her, but she resisted. The injured lady doctor was on her way to the hospital before she expired.

Suhail Chaudhary, Director Inspector General Operations of the police, took notice of the incident and instructed the police to trace the culprits. Suhail Chaudhary asked the police to use the footage from the cameras of the Safe City project. A media outlet quoted a police spokesperson, “Dr. Khaula was gunned down by unknown individuals riding motorcycles.”

The police have shifted the deceased’s body to a morgue for autopsy.

The deceased, Dr Khaula Ahmad Khan was a graduate of CMH BDS batch 2015-2019.

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