Last rites of Bipin Rawat to be performed in New Delhi

New Delhi: Former Indian Defense Chief Bipin Rawat’s last rites will be performed in New Delhi today, Baaghi TV reports. Thre of the deceased in the helicopter crash have been identified as Bipin Rawat, his wife, and a brigadier. The other 10 bodies killed in the helicopter crash could not be identified.

Civil and military officials will attend the last rites of Bipin Rawat in New Delhi today, according to reports. Out of the fourteen people aboard the military chopper, thirteen have been declared dead with one survivor who is currently on the ventilator and receiving treatment. However, the doctors have not issued any updates regarding his condition. 

Group Captain Varun Singh, is married and has two children. He was recently promoted from the post of Wing Commander to Group Captain. Meanwhile, a letter written by Singh has gone viral. Singh who is the sole survivor of the recent helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu that resulted in the deaths of Bipin Rawat and twelve others addressed the letter to students of his former academic institution, Army Public School Chandi Mandir on the 18th of September.

According to the letter, Group Captain Varun Singh advised the students that maintaining a mediocre performance at school is nothing to worry about, that they should focus on giving their best. Singh wrote that not everyone can excel while at school and get 90% marks. It is a great achievement if you excel but if you cannot, then don’t think that you are mediocre because school performance is not a measure of your potential for practical life. 

According to the letter, Singh advised the students to find a hobby be it arts, music, graphic design, literature, or anything else, and dedicate themselves completely to it. The Group Captain added that one must give the best without thinking that he/she could have worked harder. 

Group Captain Varun Singh added in the letter that when he was a young cadet, his confidence was low but when he was commissioned into the Fighter Squadron as a young Flight Lieutenant, he realized that he could do better if he put his mind and heart into it. That same day he started working to become the best, while as a cadet at the National Defense Academy he did not study or gain any sports skills. But, later on, his passion for aircraft grew and he continued to perform better. Even then, I did not have confidence in my true abilities, he added.

On the other hand, after the death of Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat in a helicopter crash, the removal of Indian Prime Minister Modi and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has also been considered. This demand has been made by Shiv Sena leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Rawat who said that the death of Bipin Rawat in a helicopter crash was suspicious. Bipin Rawat was responsible for modernizing the country’s weapons. There are doubts in the minds of the people. The government will investigate. It is necessary for Modi to resign and there should be an impartial investigation into the incident.

Moreover, according to reports, military circles in India celebrated the crash and possible death of the Chief of Defense Staff who managed to achieve new developments. It is believed that India under the leadership of Bipin Rawat as Chief of Defence was facing corruption charges in the Raphael planes case. India under the leadership of Bipin Rawat had also faced defeat and internal turmoil in Pulwama and Doklam regions.

The Indian Army Chief, along with his wife and officers, were on board the safest helicopter, which has two engines. A safe landing can be made with one engine in the event of a malfunction in the other engine. This helicopter is only used for VVIP personalities.

It should be noted that General Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Indian Army, retired on December 31, 2019, after completing his term. He was appointed by the Modi government as India’s first Chief of Defense Staff. General Bipin Lakshman Singh Rawat was a four-star general of the Indian Army. He was born in the Indian state of Uttarakhand and was trained at the Indian Military Academy. His father was also in the Indian Army. The age limit was increased for Bipin Rawat from 62 to 65 years, and after retiring from the post of Army Chief, he was made the Chief of Defense Staff. Bipin Rawat’s father had also retired from the post of Lieutenant General. Rawat started his military career in 1978 with the commission in the 5th Battalion of the 11th Gurkha Rifles. General Rawat continued to climb the ladder of success and fulfill various important responsibilities. He was made Deputy Chief of Army Staff on September 1, 2016.

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