Law minister tried his hand on a sewing machine at a tailor’s shop

India: Attempting to stitch an alliance with the people, UP Law minister Brajesh Pathak on Tuesday tried his hand on a sewing machine at a tailor’s shop in the state capital and claimed that people will “contest” the assembly elections for him.

Mr Pathak was seen stitching a green piece of cloth at the tailor’s shop.

Speaking to reporters, he said, “This is my locality (Vikramaditya Marg), and I am going from house to house as per the guidelines of the Election Commission. We are applying ’tilak’ and chandan (sandalwood paste) on the foreheads of the people.

People of every religion and section of society are coming out of their houses to bless us. We are going to improve our 2017 tally (of 325 seats).” With the Election Commission putting a moratorium on holding rallies and public gatherings due to a spurt in coronavirus cases, the BJP on Tuesday launched a door-to-door campaign to reach out to voters across Uttar Pradesh.

He added, “The way party is reaching out to the people, I don’t think that I have to work much hard. The people themselves will elect me.”