Letter to Bernie Sanders: Endorsing his view over Iran & suggesting the US to free Kashmir

Reply to Bernie Sanders from a third world country. A mayor from a small city who sees freedom as an inherent right of every citizen regardless of boundaries, races, cast, creed or ethnicity. I just responded in endorsing Bernie Sanders view over favouring Iran and calling off sanctions by America.

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Yes, I completely endorse what Bernie says. What has America achieved, they lost 58,720 American soldiers in the Vietnam war the Vietnamese lost 2 million people. Mostly terming it a fratricide. The war that put whole America upside down. They never wanted communism to conquer the world yet, lost so many of their own.

[bs-quote quote=”You start a war you get sucked up into it more and more. With just a few hundred troops into Vietnam at the start of the war, the number swelled to half a million in the end.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Mian Haroon Masood” author_job=”Political Leader, Pakistan “][/bs-quote]

Vietnam a peaceful country almost 10,000 miles away. What had Americans to do with it?

They wanted them to have a government of their choosing, an act like a bully in a school or a college. Many mother’s lost their sons who had not even blossomed fully. Most of them were the draftees with normal back grounds. An act which was widely condemned through out America but, those innocent young men knew they owe allegiance to their country, so they bore the brunt of illogically conceived wars which had no beating or ant ideological reasoning.

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Lyndon Baines Johnson, LBJ. couldn’t see the light through the tunnel. The fiercest of the battles that took place was their rolling thunder operation, and the offensive were meant to bring destruction. With Nepalm pounding hell broke loose. The area turning into bony lunar dust. The bombing of Adrang valley, the Hồ Chí Minh trail led thousands to die. A war fought between the South Vietnamese, the Viet Cong, ARVN. For the Americans, it was a war of tragedy.

This was all by design to perpetuate ones stay in power at the cost of human sacrifices, was a costlier war, and one day the Americans just left.

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Back home the veterans who received medals, went up to the Pentagon and threw their medals back in utter disgust. Back home the American society had turned against the idea of war. They thought it was an immoral war. Many demonstrations had ripped the country apart. The same was repeated in Afghanistan, Iraq , South Waziristan and now, Iran. Why the hell?

[bs-quote quote=”We must learn from our mistakes. See, the world powers must realize the advancement in technology has no control over the wrath of God. One invisible virus has turned the whole world upside down. This is divine intervention… let humans live! A lesson to be learnt by many.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Mian Haroon Masood” author_job=”Political Leader, Pakistan “][/bs-quote]

Furthermore, their principal author of the declaration of independence was a great proponent of a person’s rights. He openly said a man is born equal who has to right to speech, right to moment. By the spirit of the very constitution and it’s provisions. The inviolable rights of citizens in a country are to be guarded.

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The other countries very much like America are seeking for more Jeffersonian democracies, which don’t permit lock down and curfews, or self quarantining politically.

The guardian’s of democracy and it’s champions must also be cognizant of the fact that mistreatment through impressive and repressive regimes are responsible for atrocities that are perpetrated around the globe in the third world countries. Indian Occupped Kashmir is a valley where danger dwells. The indefinite curfew which has lasted through months is probably longest in the living history of any kingdom, theocracy, military dictatorship or the so called democracy.

[bs-quote quote=”Kashmir is burning Mr. Bernie. It’s time someone came forward to free them of the shackles of the Indians for a freer living through justly held plebiscite.” style=”style-17″ align=”center” color=”#dd0000″ author_name=”Mian Haroon Masood” author_job=”Political Leader, Pakistan “][/bs-quote]

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