Libya’s Foreign Minister, Najla El-Mangoush suspended and banned

Libya’s-Foreign-Minister,-Najla-El-Mangoush-suspended-and-banned #Baaghi

Libya: According to the Presidential council, Libya’s Foreign Minister, Najla El-Mangoush has been suspended for a period of 14 days and that she is banned from travelling, thereby pending an inquiry.

Najla has been accused of not abiding by the foreign policy. But the transitional government has rejected this decision and has stated thatvthey will have her perform her duties as normal. Najla has been followed by political infighting following her comments onthe Lockerbie bombing incident that had occurred in 1988. In  this regard, she had claimed full responsibility of the bombing in 2003.

Najla El-Mangoush told the press that the Libyan government was very open and clear to collaborate with the USA on the topic of extradition, and said that the matter was progressing just fine. She further expressed her grief and concern for the bereaved families and stated that she understands their pain.

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