Little Mix taking a break after 10 memorable years

The Girl Group “Little Mix” claims that it is “taking a break” after the 2022 tour, but clarify that they are not giving up on the group and splitting up.

Little Mix made news of their hiatus public through social media. They said that they had the best time in the past ten years and they now feel that it is time to take a break. During this hiatus, they will relax and spend time on some other projects.

They also said that they are very thankful towards their fans who gave them never-ending support since the beginning. Despite the announcement, they say that they still plan to make more music, tours and performances in the future.

They said that they’ve made so many unforgettable memories with their fans and they look forward to making more. For them, they are all sisters and They will always stay together.  “Little Mix is forever,” They said. Their latest music video ” Between Us” was posted yesterday on Youtube.

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