Lizard Enjoying Sweets in Gourmet Bakers

Recently images have surface of a lizard sitting on sweetmeats in a Gourmet bakery outlet

Delighted to buy sweets and gift to somebody or eat yourself? Then here comes a big news for you.

Gourmet bakers have recently been in hot water again after a lizard is seen jumping and enjoying on sweets. It can be clearly seen crawling across “Ras Gullay” and “Gulab Jaman”. It can also be observed feeling “at home” with the environment as being there quite many times.

Thus the question here rises, what are these bakeries feeding us?

Another victim of Gourmet bakers shared her experience, “We went to Gourmet Bakers and Sweets of Wapda town, right with Fri chiks. First I went there and ordered asked them to bake a pizza. They said the pizzas in rack are just out from oven. My friend’s Blood Pressure was dropped due to which we had to buy something immediately. I said to reheat that. That employee keep on joking weirdly with us. I ignored and went to sweet section while he was reheating the pizza. Both employees had been joking and laughing to each other pointing us out. We went there and asked to pack a cupcake. He said, ‘Ye aapko aur khubsurst kar dy ga (it will make you more beautiful).’ I gazed at him and told him to just do what I had said and [that] bad jokes not appreciated. Then we went to counter for waiting over 15 minutes and the cashier misbehaved. I told them that I would file complaint against your behavior now and CCTV camera will be an evidence. We left the bakery without order.”

The staff had no fear that it can create a case against them because they know, no check and balance is there.

There are many insects and such things seen in Gourmet on routine matter too.

Before launching a channel, at least quality should be assured of the material these food points are selling. This matter is raising another point that this lizard has been seen by a customer but what could have happened there if it hadn’t come to light. What would have happened to the sweets after the customer had gone? Aah!

This is going to be a disgusting topic now, because the lizard controversy hasn’t caused any loss of customers to Yasir Broast, Super Crisp or the fungal growth hasn’t led to downfall of Nestle juices. It is now time to think why have we got so habitual of eating out that even Butlers Cafe washing their steak serving dishes in washroom and keeping with toilet on the floor doesn’t matter?

Why is food authority is busy in raiding, getting photographed and going back to routine.

Serious diseases can be caused by such disgusting material and today, the number of patients in hospitals is directly propotional to the number of customers in foodpoints; agree or not!

In short, ignorance is a bliss but if now brought in light, Baaghi TV wouldn’t spare any case coming up from any food point. Baaghi TV stands with you, just write about whatever happens to you at any foodpoint or with any food product.

Let us stand together to spread awareness and to stop eating poisonous, fungal and fatal food. Let’s start eating healthy!

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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