Lockdown and the injustice of a media channel

Lahore, 27th March: Keeping in view the current situation in Pakistan after the outbreak of the COVID-19, a lockdown has been imposed in the country and all the educational institutes, recreational places, shopping malls, and businesses have been shut down for two weeks.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, many of the firms have closed their offices and the employees are asked to work from home and abstained from going to their workplaces, in order to contain the further spread of the virus. This step has been taken in order to protect the public from the highly contagious disease and its deadly outcome. The fewer people come in contact with each other, the lesser chance there is for the virus to spread around.

As per the reports, there are some offices that are doing injustice to their employees and even after the instructions imposed by the government for the closure of the office, they are still being opened secretly and calling their workers to come to the office despite the strict orders.

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One such reported working place is The Indus News Channel, which is a part of Aap Media Networks and the head office of which is based in Lahore city. According to the reports of Baaghi TV, the information about the injustice done to one of the employees of the Indus News has been shared through an audio message and needs immediate attention at this time of crisis.

Through the unconfirmed sources, an audio engineer from the PCR department of the Indus News Channel fainted today. This resident of Shahdrah Town was overworked as after night shift he was called back for overtime as the person for the morning shift did not show up. This type of injustice is being carried out to the lower class workers who are not properly looked after.

More such incidences can take place as favoritism is at its peak at the Indus News, employees are dissatisfied and feel played off because of such unfair treatment that some blue-eyed staff is working from home whereas some selected staff is given step-motherly treatment.

The question arises when the majority of businesses are closed and we are passing through a lockdown situation should media houses still call their staff on duty?

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  1. Hafsa Khalid says

    This is false.
    Most of the employees at Indus News are working from home. Employees coming to work are maintaining proper distance, wearing masks and gloves and are using sanitizers. No one has been forced to come to work. This is totally false, just to malign Indus News.

  2. Talha says

    I would advise next time when you publish an article, at least go through the effort of fact checking. The information you have listed in this article is baseless, malicious and false. There have been no such events in either AAP News or Indus News, all the employees are practicing the necessary precautions against the COVID-19 virus. Almost all of the staff that can work from home are doing so, and only the required technical staff are working from the office. Even then they are wearing masks, gloves and using hand sanitizers which have been provided by the company itself.
    The reports you received that an audio engineer from Indus News PCR fainted are completely false baseless propaganda. All employees working at Indus News work according to their duty roster and none of the staff are being overworked beyond their scheduled hours. All staff are treated fairly and equally and the claims that some staff are favoured more than others are completely false. This is blatant malignant propaganda against Indus News and AAP News that, quite frankly, appears to be a personal grudge at this point. I know this because i work there myself. I would expect that a journalist, like you claim to be, would at least have the brains and mental presence to fact check their sources before posting an article on their website and refrain from engaging in spiteful propaganda.

  3. Sulman Ali says

    Not true at all, the administration has taken all steps against coronavirus including providing gloves, masks, sanitizer. We are all working from home in rotation, to counter the pandemic. Ethically, you must have taken comment from the administration instead of publishing a story from one “source” and based on “reports”. This is totally one-sided and baseless story. Kindly, refrain from spreading propaganda in this time of panic. Do journalism, not panic-ism.

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