Lord Nazir Ahmed Jailed For Child Sex Offences

Lord Nazir Ahmed, a 64-year-old former British parliamentarian of Pakistani descent, was sentenced by a British court to five-and-a-half years in prison for exploiting and attempting to rape two minors in the 1970s.

According to the details, Sheffield Crown Court Judge Justice Lavender sentenced the Pakistani-born British politician. The court held that the crime committed by Lord Nazir Ahmed fifty years ago had a severe impact on the victims, leaving them deeply shocked and that the punishment was being meted out not for retaliation but for justice.

The court convicted Lord Nazir Ahmed of attempting to “rape” a girl and exploit a teenage boy, and in both cases he was sentenced to a total of more than half a decade in prison. Lord Nazir Ahmed’s imprisonment will now begin after he is sentenced by the court.

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The former British parliamentarian was convicted by a court on January 6, 2022 of sexually abusing children. During the trial, the court was told that Lord Nazir Ahmed had attacked a girl and a boy younger than himself half a century ago in his youth.

During the trial, Lord Nazir Ahmed denied the allegations against him and called them fabrications. However, the evidence presented by the security agencies there showed that not all the allegations were false.

Lord Nazir Ahmed and his two brothers were accused of sexually assaulting children a few years ago, after which a formal investigation was launched against them. He had denied the allegations immediately after the allegations were made against him, but in 2019, the court had charged him with sexual assault on children.

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By the end of 2020, Lord Nazir Ahmed had resigned from Parliament after being indicted by the court. In the same case, both the brothers of Lord Nazir Ahmed were declared unfit during the trial but the trial against them continued.

The verdict against Lord Nazir Ahmed was due in January 2021, but due to the Corona epidemic, the verdict was delayed by one year last month and now he has been sentenced. After being sentenced by the court, now Lord Nazir Ahmed will have to be arrested or the police will arrest him on time and send him to jail.

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