Love, For Hate Consumes You!

It consumes you!

Hate consumes a heart like fire does dry wood

Hate smothers good as winter the green

Hate freezes all warmth and goodness

Hate breaks up families and places of security

Hate turns brothers and neighbours into foes.

Hate turns women into victims

Hate turns people not of us into “the Other”

Hate turns people of other faiths into enemies

Hate has been the reason to kill, to destroy the world.

Enough! Enough! Enough!

No more hatred, no more bloodshed, no more “Othering”!

Let love’s positive way into our lives, instead of the negative evil that is this hateable hate

Let compassion enter where there is hardness of heart

Let warmth enter where there is coldness towards the “Other”

Let understanding and knowledge enter where there is utter ignorance

Let the Lord’s/Rabbee’s mercy enter your heart and

Let your heart be the home of higher values, such as LOVE!

Love, that saints sing about and prophets recommend as the soul’s cure.

Now go discover what love is!


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