LPG causing blasts in public transport

The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Monday expressed grief over the loss of lives and property due to the incident of cylinder blast in a public transport vehicle in Kashmore.
Use of LPG as fuel in public transport is the reason behind blasts which continue unabated despite a ban imposed by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), said Brig (Retd) Iftikhar Ahmed.
In a statement issued here today, he said that administration of almost all the districts allow the use of LPG in public transport and after every LPG blast they launch a campaign against CNG the business which is deplorable.
Brig (Retd) Iftikhar Ahmed said that on Dec 26, 2013, the OGRA amended LPG rules 2001 and banned the installation of LPG cylinders in motorcycles, scooters, public service vehicles including three-wheelers, buses, coaches and wagons.
However, the ban was never implemented by the concerned agencies are equally responsible for the loss of precious lives and property.
He said that LPG is heavier than air, therefore, it causes an explosion if leaked while CNG is lighter than air that it finds its way out of the vehicle preventing any incident.
Moreover, CNG kits have to be altered to make it compatible with LPG which is very dangerous therefore it must be discouraged by the authorities concerned.
Motorway Police, traffic Police, transport authorities and district administrations are responsible for stopping these practices but they prefer to be part of the designs of transport mafia that use LPG for petty gains, he said.
Use of LPG in public transport continue to rise due to its price which will pose a serious threat to the lives of the property of the masses, he added.
The leader of the CNG sector asked the government to ensure implementation of the OGRA decision, he demanded protection of the legitimate business of CNG.

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