Lucky Ali On Facebook Says His Land Stolen In Karnataka

India: Singer Lucky Ali on Sunday alleged that Bengaluru-based “land mafia” is encroaching on his farm in Karnataka and that they are “forcibly and illegally” entering his property, located in  Kenchenahalli, Yelahanka. In a Facebook post, Mr Ali shared the text of his complaint letter to the Karnataka police chief.

“My farm which is a Trust Property located in Kenchenahalli Yelahanka is being encroached on illegally by Sudhir Reddy (and Madhu Reddy) from the Bangalore Land Mafia. With the help of his wife who is an IAS Officer by the name of Rohini Sindhuri they are misusing state resources for their personal gain,” Mr Ali wrote in his post.

In his complaint, the musician stated that the “land mafia” is forcibly and illegally entering his farm and refusing to show the relevant documents. He said that his family has been in possession of the land for the past 50 years, and that other individuals are now attempting to encroach on it.

Mr Ali named Sudhir Reddy as the principal individual attempting to encroach on the land. He also added that Mr Sudhir is being helped by his wife Rohini Sindhuri, who is an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer. The singer claimed that the couple is exploiting governmental resources for their personal gain.

Later in his post, Mr Ali also stated that he is not getting any help from the local police. In fact, he claimed that they are the ones supporting the encroachers. The musician also shared his concern regarding his family and young children who are all alone on the farm.

“My family and small children are alone on the farm,” Mr Ali said, adding that he could not meet the state police chief before leaving for Dubai where he is currently for work. “I am getting no help from the local police, who are in fact supporting the encroachers and are indifferent to our situation and the legal status of our land,” Mr Ali stated.

At the end of his post, Lucky Ali urged the police to take action and help him before the final court hearing on December 7.