Lufthansa Crew Tells Passengers After Severe Turbulence To Delete Videos, Pictures


The crew on the Lufthansa flight that almost dropped 4,000 feet in severe turbulence asked passengers to delete photos and videos of the incident, according to a report. The flight had to make an emergency landing at Washington, DC’s Dulles Airport. According to an Insider report, before the landing, the flight attendant made an announcement twice to get rid of any images.

A passenger named Rolanda Schmidt told Insider, “I think we were all just like, ‘What?!'”

Ms Schmidt told the media outlet that the second announcement implied that the request was to protect passenger privacy.

The passenger said that the plane took a major drop, sending food and personal items flying throughout the cabin. Ms Schimidt was one of the seven people injured aboard the flight. She suffered a concussion, bruised her arm and potentially fractured her hip. She said, “I thought we were going down.”

Another passenger confirmed that they were asked to delete photos. But several images made their way to social media. The images showed food, paper and debris scattered on the cabin floor. Camila Alves, actor Matthew McConaughey’s wife was also on the same flight and shared a video of the incident on her Instagram account.

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