Lulusar Pakistan: First women brand to design Hazmat suit

Lahore, 31st March: At the time when western fashion designers are taking a plunge in making protective suits and facial masks for the help of their government and health authorities, some leading brands in Pakistan are also paving a way in this path.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, one such leading brand of Pakistan is Lulusar, which has undertaken the task of helping at this time of crisis and has prepared protective suits for the para-medic staff.

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Lulusar is a woman brand located in Lahore, which is aimed at women who like to be trendy and stylish all the way and look out for a variety of casual, simple yet elegant, evening and daywear. This brand needs every appreciation and accolades for taking the lead towards helping our authorities, where many leading fashion designers have shied away from doing something noteworthy.

With the exception of Asim Jofa, a renowned fashion designer and Umer Hussain, the owner of a food chain, are among the first ones to take the initiative and we have still not heard of any other brand of Pakistan in this regard.

Western brands like Armani, Gucci, Michael Costello, Bulgari, and Christian Siriano have become our inspiration in lending out help by stitching the protective suits at the time when a pandemic has hit the whole world.

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When big brands can stop producing their chic ensembles for a while and start creating the face masks and Hazmat suits, then it is the right time to follow their footsteps.

Lulusar has set an example from Pakistan to stand out yet again for doing something different. With their agenda that women want to wear everything that is trendy and in fashion, they have come up with a unique design of a Hazmat suit keeping in view the choice of fabric, providing the maximum security against the disease.

They have revamped their factory in order to produce protective suits for the people who are at the front line during this crucial situation. The noble cause that they are carrying out is with zero-profit strategy and they are selling the suit at Rs 1999, as mentioned on their Instagram page.

They have given their contact details and everyone needs to spread the word so that their noble gesture could be made available to the relevant medical organizations and authorities.

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Dear Customers, At Lulusar, we have always been proud to be made in Pakistan, and we will continue to do what we can to support our country and people. We are overwhelmed with the appreciation and support we received on our news of restructuring our factory to produce protective gear for those on the frontline. Our aim remains to provide essential supplies to doctors, nurses and medical facilities in light of shortages and we are honored to play a role in this. We are excited to share that we've created additional disposable prototypes for safer use. We are ready to begin production of suits, masks, and more essential equipment, and currently are waiting for government permits to activate operations during lockdown. We have also taken necessary steps to ensure that once production begins, we comply to all industry standards and safety regulations, stemming from WHO guidelines, to guarantee the safety of our employees. Our aim remains to ensure they are employed and healthy. We will also be working with the government to donate protective supplies where necessary. For extra details, please DM us or contact our customer service helpline: 03000455858. We hope to be able to begin producing soon. Until then, stay home and stay safe. Regards, Team Lulusar. #lulusaronline #protectivegear #medicalsafetysuit #covıd19

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At this time of crisis, our country needs as many helping hands as can be possible and the designers must come up with the production of protective gear used against COVID-19.

The people are also urged to lend their support and help in supplying food and daily necessities to the needy. A nation is formed by the support and unity of its citizens, a government alone can do nothing to win the battle against the pandemic but with little gestures by the people can make us come out strong and steadfast.

Our country may not be economically strong but the notion of helping our fellow brothers has always helped us at crucial times.

Baaghi TV urges you to play your part as a responsible citizen by staying at home to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones and the community.

Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for the latest news and updates.

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