Mahira Khan And Bilal Ashraf At Twitter Headquarter

Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf upcoming film ’Superstar’ is all set to be released in cinemas on Eid ul Azha. The film portrays the story of a girl who struggles hard to achieve a strong position in the film industry on the other hand there’s a son of a director who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The word Superstar is termed for all those to work really hard to achieve something in life. They try to remove all hurdles from their way to become successful. They don’t look back in the past but live in the present and think about their bright future. That’s what makes them Superstar.

Mahira Khan and Bilal have been going city to city for the promotion of their film. They’re convincing fans to book their tickets and watch their upcoming movie. The stars went to Dubai for the film’s promotion and were recently spotted in the UK. They visited the Twitter headquarters where they talked about how social media should be used by the young generation. Along them were Azan Sami Khan and producers Momina Duraid and Duraid Qureshi.


Bilal and Mahira were suited in white and light blue they seem to twin with the Twitter icon. We wish their film becomes becomes a blockbuster.

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