Maira Khan Emotional Story About Husband – Marriage

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Maira Khan is a popular television actress who started her acting career from PTV. Her popular dramas were Cousins & Kisay Awaaz Doon. She got married at the age of 21.

She left showbiz for a few years. Cheekh is one of her popular dramas after her comeback. Her on-screen couple with Aijaz Aslam was loved a lot by fans in Cheekh.

In 36 episode of Tamasha, Maira Khan opened up about her marital life, she said, “We had bad circumstances, obviously, me and my mother were hiding from my father, during this, I got married at early age, he was on his pocket money, I went to my in-laws’ house, my mother was with me, my husband was beloved child of the house even at the age of 21, my in-laws used to humiliate my mother, he had to face his family’s anger because of me, but he stood with me, I started earning, he was on pocket money, we were doing good by managing things together, my  grandmother also came with me at my house, but, at least, we were given shelter by my father in law, we bought plot, I had a tough time in his house, I used to cook food for 40 ppl to please them , the in laws were happy with me in the end, we won their hearts, I became favourite ‘Daughter in law’ as well but it could not go for long, my husband used to say, ‘I will go before you and yes, he went’. It is to be remember that Mahira’s husband died in accident.

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