Major Airlines Still Not Making Flights to Kabul

Two months have passed since the ground services contract of the country’s airfields with the United Arab Emirates GAAC company was signed, but so far no major airline company has resumed its flights to Afghanistan.

According to the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation, talks are ongoing to transfer the country’s airspace contract to foreign companies. Once this contract is signed, major airlines will resume their flights to Kabul.

“The third contract also plays a role and, with God’s help, it will be signed shortly. Talks have been held with various companies, Air India and Spice Jet will shortly begin operating their flights,” said Imamuddin Ahmadi, spokesman of the ministry.

The Ministry of Transportation and Aviation said that one of the reasons why big aviation companies have not begun offering flights is because of a lack of passengers.

“Based on our information, Fly Dubai and Emirates will begin their flights to Afghanistan in the coming days,” the spokesman of the ministry stated.

None of the embassies in Kabul have started the process of issuing visas to citizens of Afghanistan except Pakistan and Iran.

However, the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) said that China is going to start the process of issuing visas to Afghan businessmen.

“China has promised us to issue visas for Afghan traders; documents which were needed were sent to the Chinese embassy for checking,” said Mohammad Younis Momand, director of the ACCI.

“No foreign contract can be implemented in Afghanistan until the political interactions are fixed, because these companies consider their national interests more than our interests,” said Sayed Masoud, a political analyst.

Currently, PIA of Pakistan, Mahan and Taban companies of Iran, and a Qatari company operate at Kabul airport and transfer passengers, along with domestic airlines.