Major Car Accident on Srinagar Highway


1st February 2021, (Baaghi TV): According to the reports of Baaghi TV, there has been an accident on Srinagar Highway, Islamabad.

According to reports, the family of Kashmala Tariq, the Federal Ombudsperson for women, was in a serious car accident a few hours back. According to details received by Baaghi TV, the family was travelling in two cars from Lahore to Islamabad and both the cars were being driven by drivers. On Kashmir Highway near the G11 traffic signal, a car coming from one side collided with the front vehicle of the family.

Injuries were also received by her husband who was sleeping on the rear seat and was hit by shattering glass. However, very sadly there are reports of some fatalities due to this unfortunate accident. Reportedly some private channel is running the picture of only son implying as if he was driving the car. Baaghi TV checked and found this to be untrue and it is certain the police will get the Motorway records and CCTV footage from Kashmir Highway to ascertain the true cause of the accident. Meanwhile, Twitter is abuzz with accusations and blame game.

Here is some video footage of the area:

IMG_6053 IMG_6050 IMG_6047 IMG_6046

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