Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht Launched Innovative Pilots

LAHORE, Jan 05 (APP): Provincial Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht launched innovative pilots on Public Financial Management and Fiscal Space of the Sub-National Governance Programme’s (SNG) Innovation Challenge Fund, here on Tuesday.

Addressing the launching ceremony, he said, “Innovation in public sector is the key to transform operations and improve service delivery, and reform has been the key promise of the PTI government.

“Hashim added that pilots on e-procurement, Pifra analytics, integrated tax databases, property tax automation, vehicle tax enforcement would work with Finance Department, Excise Department and Punjab Revenue Authority. The Fcdo-funded pilots were selected after a long and thorough process of more than nine months, he mentioned.

“Small nudges that work towards long-term improvements in institutional strengthening and systems reform is our key agenda. Our government is not just thinking about short-term personal or political goals. We are thinking about doing work that will benefit those after us and even the generations after us. These pilots have great potential to support the work that the government is aiming to do in PFM reform,” he said.

Team Lead of SNG Usman Chaudhry said that the Programme was working towards supporting the government to strengthen its governance and financial management systems and the innovation challenge pilots are a great opportunity for those who want to test areas that can be scaled up later on.

The ceremony was also attended by Chairmen of Planning and Development Board, Punjab Revenue Authority, Punjab Information Technology Board, and members of the private, academic and policy sector.

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