Man arrested by Karachi Police for throwing Garbage on street

Action taken on the orders of Sindh Government

Karachi Police arrested a citizen for throwing garbage in a public place, on the orders of Sindh Government in an effort to clean Karachi.

Abdul Jabbar had been arrested on Thursday as he was seen throwing trash on the street. His neighbors, on seeing him, filed a complaint against him. Police arrested the man from his residence.

First Information Report (FIR) had been registered for violating Section 144 which was imposed by the Sindh Government in the campaign of Clean and Green Karachi.

Police was given orders to arrest any citizen who throws trash in public places during  a period of 90 days; under Section 144.

Abdul Jabbar had been a ‘habitual offender’ of Section 144 and kept on throwing trash on the streets.

Sindh Government recently took the initiative for a Clean and Green Karachi by properly disposing the garbage off and making the sewerage system working. Diseases got spread due to pollution in the city.

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