Man kills neighbor on doubt of rehearsing black magic

Accused doubted that his family got sick due to witchcraft by neighbor

A villager Vinay Pal on Monday, reportedly killed his neighbor Charitar Bega  on the basis of suspicion of doing black magic on them as his family members got sick frequently in Palamau district of Jharkhand of India.

The police arrested the accused during investigation of Bega’s murder. Pal told police that his family had been feeling sick frequently, which he doubted was due to Bega’s witchcraft.

Axe was also recovered from the accused’ possession and he confessed his act during investigation.

A similar incident occurred in Aundhe village of Pune district where a couple was killed over suspicion of rehearsing black magic. Man identified as Navasu Mukane and his wife as Lilabai Mukane, Borkar rushed into their home with sharp weapons and killed the couple. The accused had doubts that the cyst developed in his daughter’s abdomen and his wife got rashes on body, were because of the black magic the couple practiced against them.

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