Management of Ramzan Sugar Mill Refuses to Pay Remittance to Farmers

Bhawana (7th Sept, 2019): Management of the Sharif family owned, Ramzan Sugar Mills, refuses to pay remittance to approximately 4,000 farmers. 

According to reports, the local administration has ordered the registration of nearly 56 cases against the Sharif family and the management of Ramzan Sugar Mills for refusing to an approximate amount of Rs.550 million to farmers as remittance.

Reportedly, the local court has issued stay orders without taking into consideration the local administration’s point of view. The stay order has been issued for a period of past six years however, the local court cannot take decision over the issue.

The Mill management which has to pay Rs.550 million to the farmers, is refusing to do so on the account that remittance cannot be paid till investigations by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) are ongoing, against the Sharif family.


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