Massacre of Indian Muslims, lockdown in IOK denounced

ISLAMABAD, Mar 10 (APP): The Kuala Lumpur based non-governmental organization, Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization (MAPIM) on Tuesday has expressed deep anguish and concerns over the prevailing bloodbath targeting Muslims in India and inhuman lockdown in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

According to Kashmir Media Service, the MAPIM headed by Mohammad Azmi Abdul Hamid in a statement issued in Kuala Lumpur demanded the Indian government to immediately take action against Hindus extremist elements who targeted and killed the innocent Muslims in Delhi and destroyed their properties and mosques.

The situation of anarchy seems to be escalated by a hate campaign promoted by politicians and religious fanatics with the intention of annihilating Muslims in particular. Measures should be put in place to prevent the recurrence of such a massacre, the Council said in its statement.

The SAPIM also condemned the role of the Indian media and police in being biased against the Muslims and being complicit with the government to promote their hateful agenda of division and oppression.

“The unjust policies, laws and actions by the government have intentionally targeted a religious creed and this will render India unmanageable politically, socially and economically,” the statement added.

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