MBS: The case of the missing Princess & a marriage in the making?

Dubai, 11th March: As per the reports, it is informed that the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman was alleged to marry an 11-year-old princess.

Dubai’s Sheikh Muhammad Al Maktoum was lining up his 12-year-old daughter Princess Sheikha Al Jalila to marry the Crown Prince MBS during the last year in February when she was 11 years of age.

The UK Court has confirmed this news about the agreement between the Dubai Sheikh and the Saudi Crown Prince, who is 22 years older to the princess.

The case was exposed by Princess Haya, Jalila’s mother and Sheikh Al Maktoum’s wife. Haya fled the royal household, took refuge in the UK and filed for divorce.

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In June 2019, Haya left Dubai along with her seven-year-old son Zayed and 11-year-old daughter Al Jalila. She describes that this planned marital contract was one of the reasons for it.

The court ruled against Al-Maktoum’s bid to keep proceedings private.

He has, however, strongly denied Haya’s claims, particularly regarding the alleged forced marriage. According to his QC Alex Verdan: “None of his children has forced marriages or was betrothed at this age. There has never been such a plan, a person to whom Jalila is betrothed.”

“There have been no forced marriages. That is not what this father does with his daughters – there are about 13 of them – at this age.”

If Haya’s claim of the planned arranged marriage is true and if it went ahead, Princess Jalila would have been the second wife of the 34-year-old Saudi crown prince, who has been known for being behind the assassination, imprisonment and brutal crackdown on his critics both at home and abroad.

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