Media to play role in raising awareness about dengue relating panic, self medication: DG health

ISLAMABAD, Oct 15 (APP):Director General Health Services, Dr Hasan Orooj on Tuesday emphasized upon media to play their positive role in raising public awareness regarding self medication and increasing panic among citizens about Dengue fever as it is a curable disease if citizens take early effective preventive measures.

Talking to PTV news channel, DG health said dengue is a mosquito-borne infection, which in recent years has become a major public health concern. He said dengue fever is a severe, flu-like illness that affects infants, young children and adults.

He assured that government is utilizing all available resources to check the spread of dengue in different parts of country. “Threat of spread of dengue fever will end as soon as the weather changes,” he also made it clear.

He said community awareness can create major hurdle against dengue and can decrease the number of cases. People should use mosquito repellent, cover their arms and legs, particularly before sunrise and after sunset, he added.

A full-scale fumigation drive was underway in different areas of Islamabad city, especially where dengue larva had been found. He said all efforts were being made to control dengue cases, adding “the situation is under control.”

He also encouraged health officials across the country to hold forums to raise awareness about the disease and how to prevent its spread. It should be made clear that disease prevention is the duty of everyone, Dr added.

Dr Urooj said if every community takes part in disease prevention, we would have a low risk of dengue and malaria infections.

He said many people would continue to have a communicable threat of dengue, malaria and other diseases but if taken preventive measures timely like proper sanitation system in their areas they could be cured.

He said in case of having dengue, they should not get panicked as it can be treated by having lots of fluids and fruits and controlling the fever,” said Dr. DG also believes that climate change would not only allow the dengue mosquito to flourish but also increase the number of mosquito carrying the malaria virus.

“It is necessary to encourage the public to have full cooperation to wipe out the breeding sources of dengue mosquitoes if we want to cut the number of illness and deaths, caused by dengue fever,” he said.

“Widespread dengue across the world is largely attributable to climate change, DG health said, adding, currently half of the world population residing is at risk even with clean environments. He said like many other countries in the region, Pakistan is also facing dengue upsurge in this year,” he added.

If people diagnosed with fever they need not panic about dengue and get their blood tested to know the platelet count, he mentioned. He said dedicated beds have also been allocated to tackle dengue both in public and private hospitals of Islamabad and the quality of clinical services is being vigorously monitored.

If person have symptoms such as skin rashes, body pain, eyes turning red, and exhaustion after two to four days of fever, they can go for a blood test. There is no need for those diagnosed with dengue to go for transfusion of platelets.

Mostly 95% patients having normal temperature but they are afraid for dengue fever so if any person is confused about his fever he/she should immediately consult with senior Physicians. He also warned citizens for taking any self medication at home as it is more harmful in these viruses.

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