Meesha Shafi Case: A Federal Minister’s daughter threatens the SC

Court issues bailable arrest warrant for Meesha Shafi

Lahore, 10th January: Daughter of Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Human Rights has been alleged of threatening the Supreme Court.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, daughter of Shireen Mazari, the federal minister for human rights, has been threatening the Supreme Court of Pakistan regarding the Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar case.

As per reports, Imaan Zainab Mazari, who was allegedly involved in the dismissal of an honest police officer like Asif Iqbal, has once again been seen imposing her influence at the Supreme Court.

It is to be noted that a hearing regarding the sexual harassment case put forth by singer Meesha Shafi against the famous pop star of the country Ali Zafar, is to be heard in the Supreme Court on Monday (11th January).

According to Baaghi TV reports, Meesha Shafi’s accomplices have already started showing their impact, even before the hearing of the court.

Imaan Zainab Mazari just threatened the judicial system and its ruling through her Twitter account.

She wrote, “Tomorrow Meesha Shafi’s CPLA is fixed before Bench No. II of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan. Women are watching closely what happens tomorrow in the hope that we will be protected under the law against harassment.”

Did she really mean to question the court’s ruling and judgement?

Similarly, another of Meesha’s friend from women brigade tweeted:

Nosheen Ali wrote, “Tomorrow the Supreme Court hears Meesha Shafi‘s petition about whether she deserves justice under the protection of women in the workplace act. Ali Zafar is a power structure; his father-in-law is his lawyer & wields enormous influence.”

She further wrote, “We hope and pray the SC stands up for the respect of women in this monumental case that impacts all of us. The earlier LHC judgement was utter disappointment esp for women doing freelance work in the current economy. And Ali Zafar has used insane money and might to be vindictive.”

What are these women crying for?

Earlier in the day, singer Meesha Shafi also shared a message on her Twitter account. It is interesting to note that Shafi’s Twitter account has been kept private and restricted for the public to view.

She wrote, “Tomorrow the Supreme Court of Pakistan hears my appeal on whether I, a self-employed person have a right, as per the law, to be heard after being harassed and therefore expect justice on merit as an equal citizen.”

It is noteworthy that last month in Dec 2020 the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had declared singer Meesha Shafi and eight others guilty of running a vilification campaign on social media against singer-actor Ali Zafar and asked the trial court to start its proceedings against them.

The FIA ​​said that Ms Shafi had made inaccurate and false allegations of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar on April 19, 2018, but she had previously failed to present any witnesses in support of her allegations.

During all the uproar by Meesha Shafi and her partners, a social media user has drawn Prime Minister Imran Khan’s attention at the senseless bullying attitude towards the Supreme Court.

She wrote, “My Dear PM Imran Khan. I want to understand. How is Tehreek e “Insaaf” allowing its minister Shireen Mazari’s daughter to bully the Supreme Court of Pakistan? We voted for merit and justice and this is what we get to see??”

Ridiculing or questioning the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is unacceptable, and being the minister’s daughter does not permit one to do so either, that too on a case which is an open book to all.

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