Mehwish Hayat Reveals The Ugly Face Of Bollywood In Oslo.

In Oslo, Norway Mehwish Hayat and Azfar Rehman hosted an event related to films. She addressed the guests there and said: “I was honored to address distinguished guests in Oslo and talk about film and peace. Films from Hollywood and our neighbors have vilified Pakistan to a point that even I don’t recognize the country that they show. Why is nobody showing the sacrifices we have made for war on terror.”
She further added: “Bollywood could have used cinema to promote mutual understanding instead of vilifying us as they do. They need to decide which is more important nationalistic fervor or peaceful future.”
Mehwish stated that our neighbors portray us wrong they can bridge the gap between us but they don’t seem interested in it. Rather they prefer going propaganda against us and show us with the gun culture which isn’t true. She added more that there is much more to talk about, not only nationalism and extremism that India always show.

Mehwish Hayat raised an absolute valid point about what Pakistan really is. We have to show the world the real image, that too instant and the best way is through our actors as they are the National ambassadors of a country .

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