Mian Haroon Masood Claims, Planting Trees is of Utmost Significance for Pakistan

Prime Minister must go and head district development committees: Mian Haroon Masood

Planting trees is an ever rewarding act. The felling of trees is a criminalizing act which has rendered most of the land mass arid and desolate. Some barani areas are rain dependent. Now is the time when it rains. In a growing world where population also grows exponentially, the trees are a source of oxygen which take tons of carbon dioxide.

The planet earth is warming up because of global warming. Plantation therefore becomes more than necessary. Generally the attention of most countries is drawn to the fact that we must grow more trees. In more sophisticated world the forests are being consumed bit by bit inarguably by the most voracious real estate but, this is an ongoing process.

Imagine if every single person of our country planted one single tree every month the number would have skyrocketed by now. It's never too late.

In one of the African countries just lately their state head was found spear heading the movement by planting the trees himself. In a short span of a few hours the whole country had planted 350 million trees. In Thailand it was done by seed bombing.

The motorway if you start from Lahore and you go right up to Nowshera you may find beautiful trees towering one clothed in green robes. It’s a spectacular sight no doubt. We see certain empty spaces though after short intervals while on the motorway. These gaps need to be filled by more plantations. You may have a symmetry and it also provides shelter to the walkers or the pedestrians.

Instead of leafy ones we could think of fruit bearing trees. I saw that in Chandigarh. Let the poor enjoy fruit at the expense of the government. More emphasis should be laid on fruit trees.

The local administrations should be tasked, not only planting trees but, the teachers and students should also be incorporated in this act of sadqa e jaria.

The other important thing will be to plant fruit trees in the cities or wherever. Instead of leafy ones we could think of fruit bearing trees.

I asked our gentle lady officer from my city to follow suit. She was overjoyed and said, we never thought of any such thing. It’s monsoon so let’s get started. The idea is to invite all from all walks.

When we are strapped for cash, make use of our youth bulge. I mean the students with the teachers must as a national duty do clearing and grubbing. All schools in their respective areas must clean up, plant trees and guard them.

The local administration that facilitates them by providing seed saplings, should then be awarded prizes and trophies. It's a healthy endeavour which could possibly divert children from taking to drugs.


Khan sahib should supervise, order all the district heads to do the job in earnest. There are districts where the odd job takes precedence over the most important one. The MNA’s and MPA’s have their own priorities for development. The thakedar is a pivot for ill gratifications. So mostly it is the whim or the will of the person elected.

One more important thing, Finland according to Ahsan Jamil, When he traveled through the area. He saw beautiful trees on his right and left. On inquiry he found out that the authorities don’t let you cut trees hence, dense forestation. They mostly import for woof and it’s allied use.

My humble submission is that any Prime Minister elect must take time out and visit each district.

This way he would come to know what really is required. Get the local people to congregate, listen to their chagrin. The responsible head would have the ability to find out what really is required. The urgent needs in a city or a district should be addressed.

I am saying again the Prime Minister must go and head their district development committees just once and then follow it.

The waste management is a problem rather nuisance that almost all cities are faced with. This could be tackled on the directions of the PM and the scheme be made a part of their development plan:

Clean Drinking Water:

Water borne deceases wreak havoc.

You have to fix that.

Medical Health Care:

These are the areas that the Prime Minister must touch upon. He should not leave it to local representatives. They have their own agendas.

Must get first hand experience which suggests seeing is believing. The PM ought to go and deal with it first hand. One day for each district of Pakistan. The PM is strong willed and a doer so, he must visit every district.


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