Minar-E-Pakistan harassment case: Ayesha claims receiving death threats

Oct 13, 2021: Ayesha Akram, the victim of the Minar-e-Pakistan harassment incident, has lodged a complaint with the Shahdara police against unknown suspects for endangering her life.

She alleged that unknown individuals called her and threatened to kill her if he pursued a lawsuit against those involved in the harassment case. She said he began receiving threatening calls from outside the country when she named eight suspects in her supplementary statement in a lawsuit filed a few days after the harassment.

She also named a Tick Toker named Ali Shah from Rawalpindi in the new case and said that he and his accomplices had been blackmailing her for many years. According to the FIR, she was now receiving threatening calls, and asked the police to arrest those responsible.

Earlier this week the case took a new turn as a new alleged audio call of Ayesha Akram and her arrested accomplice Amir Sohail alias Rambo leaked evidence that went viral on social media.

In the alleged mobile phone audio call leak, the two were discussing some options to blackmail the accused in Ayesha’s case for money. Ayesha had lodged a case at the Lari Ada police station a few days after she was physically assaulted at Minar-e-Pakistan on Independence Day.

In the alleged audio leak, Ayesha was heard saying that she had identified six suspects during the interrogation.

She revealed her plan to take Rs 600,000 from each of them to acquit them in this case and asked Rambo to give his opinion in this regard. According to the audio leak, Rambo told her that the accused belonged to mostly poor families and would be unable to pay the amount.

On this, Ayesha suggested him to decide Rs. 500,000 against each case.

A police also confirmed they found another audio call recording of Rambo threatening to leak several “objectionable” video clips to Ayesha unless she complied with the “plan”.

Recently, police arrested Rambo and seven other suspects when Ayesha Akram changed her vague statement and alleged that she was behind the harassment.

Meanwhile, after evidence of the incident being planned emerged, Famous anchor person Iqrar ul Hassan apologized for supporting TikToker Ayesha Akram.

Iqrar ul Hassan released a video with a Tweet in which he is made an apology for supporting Ayesha Akram.

In a video statement, the news anchor said he tenders an unconditional apology for supporting the TikToker. “I apologize that I sided with Ayesha Akram who started blackmail with those who exposed themselves in public. By God, it was not stubborn, I really thought that something went wrong with Ayesha and we should support her, but she sold her honor,” he wrote in his tweet

Earlier it came to light that Ayesha Akram had also extorted money from Waqar Zaka and later said she denied having received any monetary help. Waqar Zaka tweeted that the event in Minar E Pakistan was a stunt in publicity and should be thoroughly investigated, he calls it an issue of Pakistan’s honor, so the truth must be revealed.

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