Ministry of Interior Affairs Hires Back Former Female Police Officers

Afghanistan: The Ministry of Interior Affairs has begun hiring female employees who worked for the previous government, the ministry spokesman said.

“We are trying to hire policewomen that have practical experience in this area, “said Abdul Nafay Takor, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry.

The Ministry of Interior Affairs yesterday published a video of female employees and said that nearly one hundred former police officers have been rehired as a policewomen in this ministry.

Khadijih has been hired as policewoman and said that she is trained to provide security.

“We learned some lessons that are very useful and now we are ready for defense,” said Khadijih, a policewoman.

“We called those women who were working officially before to come and join us, there is no threat to them,” said Zahrah, a policewoman.

Some political analysts believe that hiring women as police will have a positive impact in providing security in our society.

“Having women in official and civil and military institutions is important and necessary,” said Assdullah Nadim, a military expert.

“The presence of professional and trained female police in the security sector and in providing security and reducing crimes is an urgent need,” said Sadiq Shinwari, a military expert.

In the previous government, more than 4,000 policewomen worked in various sections to provide security across the country.