Misconducts by passengers, lead to train mishaps

LAHORE (Oct 31, 2019): Negligence and incompetence are the reasons behind train accidents on one hand, misconducts by the passengers lead to mishaps on the railway.

It has become a custom in Pakistan to violate the rules and regulations while travelling by trains. Here’s a list of misconducts that the commuters commit while travelling:

• Windows and doors are not closed when train starts running and passengers take their heads out of the windows and entering doors.

• People don’t hesitate to travel by sitting on train roofs when tickets are unavailable or when they don’t want to buy them.

• Passengers jump off running trains to avoid ticket checker.

• Travelling with excessive luggage, even with animals.

• Carrying flammable dangerous materials such a gas cylinders.

• Reserving several tickets on a single identity card.

Such misbehaviors do not only put the violators’ lives at risks, but also of those passengers who abide by the rules.

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