Missing Muslim woman walks into police station, tells she converted to Hinduism to marry boyfriend

The family of the woman alleged that she could be in danger

A missing Muslim woman walked into the Sector 20 police station in Noida and told that she converted to Hinduism and got married to her boyfriend, a police officer. The family of the woman alleged that she could be in danger. The 23-year-old woman, who went missing around two months ago from Sector 9, entered the police station on Tuesday.

The woman told the cops that she converted willingly. The 23-year-old woman said that she wanted to stay with her husband and did not want to go back to her parents.

A local court allowed the woman to live “wherever she wants”. The woman’s family lodged a complaint against the youth and accused him of abducting the woman. The woman’s family also alleged that the youth forced the woman for marriage.

The woman allegedly went missing from outside her shanty on February 22 and her family members started looking for her. The family of the woman alleged that she could be in danger. Police said that the couple had been living in Prayagraj, The Times of India reported.

After learning about the woman, the police called her for conciliation with the family but she did not attend the meeting. A  police official said, “The woman said she knew the youth she got married to for the past 12 years. They had been staying in Prayagraj for so long.”

Munish Chauhan, sector 20 SHO said that the woman told the cops and the magistrate that she would stay with her husband and not stay with her parents. The SHO added, “The court said the woman should be allowed to live wherever she wants. She has clarified that she does not want to go with her family and will stay with her husband. “

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