Mobile and internet services to be suspended in Lahore

Lahore, 15th April: Mobile phone and internet service are likely to get suspended in Lahore.

According to Baaghi TV’s report, in the next few hours, the government will be suspending mobile phone service in different areas of the provincial capital.

According to sources, mobile phone service will be suspended in different areas of Lahore, the capital of Punjab, on the direction of the Home Department.

Sources said that mobile phone service will be suspended in Iqbal Town, Moon Market, Yateem Khana Chowk and Samanabad area of Lahore.

According to sources, Scheme Mor, Band Road, Bakar Mandi and surrounding areas are also included where internet and mobile phone services will be shut down on the instructions of the Home Department.

It is also being speculated that the government may launch an operation against the TLP at any time.

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