Modi regime cancels police leave ahead of R-Day celebrations

India: Going one step further from raising alert, the Modi regime has cancelled leave of police personnel in view of Republic Day function. Special Commissioner of Police has signed an order issued by the Delhi Police in this regard.

The order said, ‘In view of Republic Day Parade arrangements, all kinds of leave to all ranks is henceforth stopped until further notice, unless in emergent medical conditions’. In the order, it is further stated that all senior ranks are directed to achieve maximum staff mobilisation for Republic Day Parade obligations.

The Delhi Police said there is a three-layered security system in place for the Republic Day celebrations.

The Delhi Police officials added that, in light of the recent security breach of Prime Minister Modi’s convoy in Punjab, the force is being extra cautious to ensure that such an occurrence does not occur in the national capital.

To coincide with the birth date of liberation warrior Subash Chandra Bose, Republic Day celebrations will henceforth begin on January 23 rather than January 24 each year.

Experts believe that the BJP regime may orchestrate a drama during the Republic Day celebrations for multiple purposes.