Modi’s BJP moves Election Commission to delay Punjab elections

India: In view of declining popularity graph of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party in India in the upcoming elections of Punjab state, the Modi-led central government has moved the Election Commission of India for a delay in the elections.

According to a report released by Kashmir Media Service, the BJP government exercised a number of steps including the unabated injustices to Sikhs and Punjabis particularly farmers and use of religious card and protests by Sikh farmers during the visit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Punjab to gain some progress in the elections; however, it did not work.

As per the report, the BJP government orchestrated bomb blasts at Ludhiana and Delhi courts to gain sympathies of the masses, but all in vain. Besides, the exercise was meant to harass Sikhs and Punjabis, but BJP miserably failed in its nefarious designs.

Then, the BJP government arranged a visit by Narendra Modi to Punjab to influence the people. The BJP also gave hype to the farmers’ protest during the Modi’s visit and portrayed it as a life threat to Prime Minister Modi. However, this too failed.

As a last resort, the Modi government has approached the Election Commission of the country to buy some time to forge a possible alliance to, at least, have some face-saving in the elections scheduled in Punjab in February, this year.