Modi’s govt. ethnic cleansing of Muslims, should set alarm bells ringing: PM

ISLAMABAD, Aug 31 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said that reports in Indian and international media about Indian premier Narendra Modi government’s ethnic cleansing of Muslims should send alarm bells ringing across the world. The illegal annexation of Kashmir was part of a wider policy to target Muslims, the prime minister in his latest tweet said.

The prime minister tagged a story of NDTV with his tweet about Modi’s government move putting nationality of about 4 million people in Assam region at stake.

According to report after publication of National Register of Citizens (NRC) list, around 41 lakh people in Assam were expected to be stripped of their nationality.
The move, the NDTV said, came just weeks after New Delhi struck down Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir’s decades-old autonomy.

The NRC was termed as mere witch hunting against Assam’s ethnic minorities as tens of thousands of paramilitary personnel and police had been posted across the north-eastern state bordering Bangladesh.
Prime Minister Khan also tagged another article appearing in “the Times” UK under headline “No papers, no rights: how Modi plans to oust millions of ‘foreigners’ who have lived in India all their lives.”
The international media was alarmed at the Indian government’s push for a list which was set to strip about 4 million minorities people in the north-eastern state of Assam of their citizenship.
Thousands of such people had been detained in the temporary camps, housed in the state’s prisons.

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