‘Mohafiz app’ successfully saves 7000 emergency victims: CEO

ISLAMABAD, Oct 10 (APP):Founder cum Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mohafiz app Fahad Mehmood Khan Thursday said that the safety mobile software ‘Mohafiz app’ has successfully saved 7000 lives through its smart phone service and provided timely emergency response to citizens without any discrimination.

Talking to a private news channel, he said this software provides an easy and free access to deserving citizens with emergency contacts just at the press of a button, when they were found in a life-threatening situation like missing of a child, medical or rescue emergencies, physical assistance, robbery, car accident and any other terror attacks etc.

He further appealed to the citizens to join this app as it was the need of the hour to work together to have safe & healthy society for our future generations. He said more than 35,000 people in the country have downloaded this app and saved lives of kidnapped girls and handled other emergency situations in country.

Muhafiz app support center in Islamabad is working 24 hours for citizens where it has been operationalized for the purpose of monitoring and taking preventive measures and issuing real-time instructions regarding any untoward emergency situation.

Citizens can add their family and neighbours’ contact numbers where in any emergency situation they can click and informed to their required persons for delivering their services, he added.

With the Mohafiz mobile application, we are not only encouraging people to become each other’s mohafiz, but also making the process of government support and intervention a lot simpler and more effective at the press of a button.

Anyone who has ever gone through such a situation would already have a better idea of how this app can work for them, he mentioned.

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