MoHR report reveals all secrets of Adiala Jail

MoHR report reveals all secrets of Adiala Jail

A report introduced by the Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR) has uncovered that compelling detainees are being conceded extravagances and advantages as a trade-off for weighty measures of cash.

The service’s authorities visited the prisons and a report has been given to the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

The report expresses that the prison organization faces extreme political strain and that under tension from the inside service, the organization additionally works with move of detainees to Adiala Jail from Mianwali and Jhelum penitentiaries.

It further expresses that a detainee gave proof of cash moves to the prison organization. Also, his sibling gave verification of a Rs140,000 move to a prison organized.

The MoHR further revealed that the jail authorities know nothing about basic freedoms and the gathering register additionally mirrors the inclination with regards to specific detainees.

It was additionally uncovered that notably various conditions are depicted to authorities during their visits, while in actuality things are unique.

The report suggests that the prison organization be prepared with respect to common freedoms.

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