Money Laundering Case: Sofia Mirza caught between devil and deep sea


Following the emergence of allegations of money laundering case against Sofia Mirza, actor and model has took to social media and released a video in which she has rebuffed the allegations and blamed his former husband for these allegations.

According to reports of Baaghitv, Sofia Mirza who has been accused of money laundering, as the news are making rounds in the social media throughout the day and Baaghitv has exclusively covered this story, has finally responded to these allegations.

In her video message, she has put all the blames on her former husband for these allegations. She had an exquisite relation with her husband but now the couple has parted their ways. Both were love birds for quite a time period and were vowing to take their relationship to an unprecedented height but now, both are indulged in mud-slinging at each other.

Responding to these allegations, Sofia Mirza said, “This is a conscious attempt by my husband to spread fake news about me, so that the settlement of our children and assets can go in his favour.”

But these allegations are not new as the Lahore based model has in the past been accused of the money laundering and embezzling money, when she was working in Samaa news. She has been denying being involved in immoral activities throughout her life but truth has its own power, which will come out at last. The cat is finally out of the bag as the allegations are making round in the media circle.

She has been caught between devil and deep sea , as she has limited options whether to deny these allegations or accept these allegations since her conscience is urging her to speak the truth. But these models are indulging in these immoral activities since the opening of this way by model Ayyan Ali.






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