Monsoon downpours break 62-year record in July 2022

KARACHI: Monsoon downpours in July of this year have broken all records for the previous 62 years, the Pakistan Meteorological Department said on Wednesday. 

The Met department’s monthly climate summary revealed that normally Pakistan witnesses 63.1mm of rainfall, however, in July this year, the country was struck by 177.7mm rain, breaking all previous records in the last 62 years.

The PMD stated that the rainfall witnessed in Pakistan during the month of July alone has exceeded the entire normal monsoon seasonal rainfall by 26 percent.

Releasing province-by-province figures, the data collected by the PMD shows that all provinces of the country significantly exceeded their normal seasonal monsoon rainfall.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa witnessed over 32 percent, Gilgit Baltistan over 30 percent, Punjab over 116 percent and Sindh over 308 percent more rainfall than the average rainfall recorded in July in the last 62 years.

The rainfall witnessed in Balochistan however, far surpassed that of any other province as the province received 450 percent more showers than the average rate.

The torrential monsoon downpours wreaked havoc in all provinces of Pakistan, especially in the province of Balochistan. Relentless rainfall followed by flash floods inflicted loss of life and property in Balochistan, Sindh, south and southwest Punjab.

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